Matthias Kaupermann handcrafted cornhole games set are made here in Charleston, South Carolina by artisan craftsmen using only the finest materials from around the world. With proper care, your heirloom-quality cornhole game sets are sure to last for generations of enjoyment. 


We suggest cleaning with a damp, clean cloth to remove any dust or debris after each use. When not in use, we suggest storing games sets in dry, indoor environments.


For surface stains, we suggest simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric, wiping up spills as soon as they occur or spot cleaning soon after stains occur.

Sunbrella fabric can be cleaned with a mild solution of color-free laundry detergent and warm water. Mix one teaspoon of detergent to each pint of water. Dampen a clean white cloth with solution and blot the affected and surrounding area. Never scrub or brush a singular spot on your bag because this may cause irregular discoloring. It is always best to clean a complete section of the product to achieve a uniform appearance.


For surface dirt, simply wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

For minor scuffs, we recommend using a leather cleaner and conditioner. Simply apply a small amount of product to a clean, dry cloth and gently rub into the leather making sure to evenly coat a complete section or panel of the area in order to achieve a uniform result. When dry, lightly buff the leather with a clean, dry cloth. 


Matthias Kaupermann is fully committed to customer satisfaction. Our high craftsmanship standards allow us to stand behind our products, and we guarantee them against defects in the original workmanship and materials. 

As with any product, wear and tear should be expected with use over time, and eventually, items do need to be replaced or repaired. Our commitment does not cover normal wear and tear (including accessories such as bean bags, shoulder straps and carry handles), misuse or neglect of the product, or damage caused during mishandling. 

For more information about the Matthias Kaupermann warranty please contact Concierge Services


Our heirloom-quality, luxury cornhole game sets are designed to last many lifetimes. At some point, however, you may find it necessary to have your beloved cornhole board restored to its original condition. Matthias Kaupermann products are handmade and request the highest level of craftsmanship not only for production, but also for repairs.

We are happy to provide efficient and gracious repairs or replacement for items covered under our warranty, as well as out-of-warranty repairs at a reasonable cost. In order to ensure our high craftsmanship standards are maintained, Matthias Kaupermann handles repairs exclusively in-house by our artisans at our dedicated workshop. We do not offer spare parts. 

For more information about repairs & refurbishment please contact Concierge Services