Legend has it that, in the 14th century, Matthias Kaupermann, a Bavarian cabinetmaker, was strolling through his village when he noticed some children playing a strange game: they were passing the time by taking turns throwing large stones into a hole in the ground. Concerned for their safety, Matthias returned to his workshop and built the first rudimentary cornhole set out of leftover cabinet supplies and small canvas sacks filled with corn kernels. Matthias' game has since crossed the Atlantic and has evolved into the game that we now know today. We celebrate his legacy still.


Today, Matthias Kaupermann is an American luxury brand celebrating heritage and hospitality with heirloom-quality craftsmanship. We are a purveyor of luxury amusements, home goods, apparel and everyday accoutrements that marry timeless, elegant designs with the finest materials and craftsmanship. We believe in creating products that develop character, tell stories and, most importantly, stand the test of time. As a brand built on hospitality, our products are inexorably linked to the building of connections and camaraderie. Just like the various timeless and tedious techniques our craftsmen use to connect materials together during assembly, we craft vehicles that drive human connection. Our artisan craftsmen revere what is excellent, honor what is true, and take tremendous care to ensure quality in each step. We understand that the integrity of the process is as important as the finished product - a product that we hope you will enjoy for years to come.


Matthias Kaupermann is committed not only to producing the highest quality cornhole game sets, but also preserving our natural resources for future generations to enjoy. To that end, we have established a Play One, Plant One initiative benefiting the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. It's really simple. For every game set you play, we will contribute a portion of the purchase price to plant a new tree. In this way, we hope, we all win in the larger game called life!